Jared spent this past weekend at the 2013 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Convention in Anaheim, CA at the invitation of Epiphone Guitars. NAMM is the ultimate annul showcase opportunity for manufacturers of instruments, amps and about every kind of music gear you can imagine. It draws thousands of professional and aspiring musicians to the four-day event.

Jared plays an Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic guitar and travels to his gigs in a bus specially-wrapped by Epiphone. Their invitation to Jared to join them at NAMM and to perform in their booth at the show was a great honor for Jared.

“I couldn’t ask for a better sponsor than Epiphone,” said Jared. “Their guitars are in a class by themselves and they’ve been way supportive of me so early in my career. I loved playing in the Epiphone booth and can’t wait to get back out to NAMM next year.”

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